How Bop Shop Records processes used vinyl records

We buy used vinyl records from many sources. Some titles come walking through the door, some we pick up on our travels.

All of our used vinyl records go through the same process.


  1. Thoroughly inspect the cover for any defects, holes, cuts, stickers, writing, or wear.
  2. Examine inserts to determine that they are complete and look for defects.
  3. Inspect the record for wear and/or defects.
  4. Note any markings on or any unusual characteristics of the label.
  5. Thoroughly clean the vinyl.
  6. Replace the record in its original sleeve and cover. Where the original inner sleeve is missing or damaged, we replace it.
  7. Place the package in a form-fitted plastic protective sleeve.

In general, we search for vinyl records that are in good shape. In some cases, we improve the record, insert, or cover by cleaning and where possible we remove any “stickers” that were not original to the record.