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Bop Shop Records presents: WITH THE COWS

Friday, August 9
Bop Shop Records 
1460 Monroe Ave. Rochester NY

A $5 to $10 donation requested. Thanks!

With The Cows fuses poetry and free improvisational music. The words of Rochester, NY poet Rick Petrie act as the guide to everything that happens during a performance. The words inspire the music and the music in turn influences Rick’s interpretation of his pieces.  

Providing the soundscapes will be Roy Marshall turning heads on the drums, Chris Zajkowski~brainchild behind the Squires Of The Subterrain~on keyboards and percussion, and Phil Marshall (Colorblind James Experience, The Fox Sisters, Margaret Explosion) on guitar, effects and whatever’s within arms reach.  
Every performance is different and as surprising to the performers as it is to the audience. 

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