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NOVEMBER 15 @ 8:00 PM
11:00 PM
LOVIN” CUP 300 Park Point Drive
SHOW @ 8PM | $30 ADV/ $35 DOS
Tickets available at Bop Shop Records


“Brilliant.”  “Spellbinding.”  “Original.”  “Passionate.”  These are words that respected music journalists have used to describe Strawbs live…today.

With five decades of colorful history behind them, Strawbs evolved from 1960s British Folk Movement roots to a powerful and enduring force in progressive rock music.  Led by the charismatic Dave Cousins, who has been called the most talented Dylan-influenced songwriter to come out of England, Strawbs’ dynamic performances, marked by impassioned vocals, tight harmonies, and precise instrumentation are exciting, lush and timeless.

With Cousins at the forefront (vocals, guitar, dulcimer and banjo), Chas Cronk on bass, Dave Lambert (lead guitar and vocals), and Tony Fernandez on drums, today’sStrawbs look very similar to those who brought us some of our favorite classic rock albums, including the iconic Hero & Heroine (ranked by Rolling Stone Magazine in 2015 as one of the top 50 progressive rock albums of all time).   New to this veteranStrawbs line-up—a line-up that has through the band’s existence included music legends Sandy Denny, Rick Wakeman and Blue Weaver— is Dave Bainbridge, a keyboard virtuoso who has mesmerized audiences across Europe and North America while performing with his Celtic folk-rock band Iona.

On November 15th, Strawbs return to Lovin’ Cup with  “Chapter & Verse,” a very special evening that will include a live performance of the extraordinary Hero & Heroine along with a generous sampling of The Ferryman’s Curse,  Strawbs’ first all-new album since 2008, and the secrets and stories that have seduced prog rockers for a half century. Join us!


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