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Saturday, April 21 9am to 6pm
Bop Shop Records, 1460 Monroe Ave. Rochester, NY

Celebrate with us the glory of the record album and the music it serves!

When you walk into a record store its an escape for some of us. It seems like whatever situation you’re going thru in your life there is a song or artist that can describe it perfectly, whether its a happy feeling, or something bad, there’s an artist and song that can describe it perfectly. If I’m struggling with something in my life, then the right song will help me thru it. The record store is like a giant medicine cabinet. Its an environment of people of all walks of life that are professionals in what they do. The opinion of those people working at record stores are so important to me as a customer. They’ll tell me what’s good and let me know the truth on what’s only hype. They’ll tell me “when you buy this listen to track #6″ and might even say, “there’s only 2 really good songs on there, the rest is just B.S.” They know the history about the artists and music. When I buy music I want quality music. At the record store they can let me know what’s good, not just what the top seller is.”


At 8pm this evening we are presenting “SOMETHIN’ HOLY” a duet performance with Lucian Ban on piano and Alex Harding on Baritone sax.