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YES It’s that time of year again!
NO! Not Christmas

We have lots in store for you that day; first off we open at 9am offering all the juicy RSD vinyl records pressed up special releases for that day. We also have boatloads of newly acquired vinyl from several collections we’ve picked up recently. Killer wax!

9am we open and offer a coffee tasting from our favorite roasters in town FUEGO COFFEE
12 noon we start with WAYO RADIO 104.3FM broadcasting live from the store.threeheadslogo

At 3 Three Heads Brewing will be here to offer up a tasting and talk about their brewery site in downtown Rochester.

Del Rivers and The Key Dreamers:

Opening the festivities this year for Record Store Day will be the long awaited live performance of Del Rivers; backed by the “wish-you-were-in-Florida” Key Dreamers.

Since the late 1980’s, Del Rivers did his best to navigate the music scene in Rochester, NY (and briefly in Berkeley, California) by recording his lyrics with great musicians. Some of the best results were with The Projectiles, featuring the garage rock of guitarist Dan Frank; and years later with the LSD Enigma/McFadden’s Parachute under cover as The Venus Fly-Trappers. After several CD’s and getting over his stage fright by doing comedy on-stage and acting in short films; Del decided to try playing live with a neat-o backing band like the well-seasoned Key Dreamers. The Key Dreamers meet-up with Del was Guitarist Bob Spadafora response to Del’s ad; plus meeting Drummer Greg Andrews in passing at a Liar’s Moon (with Jerry Falzone) show. By circumstance, Greg knew Bassist Chris Englert as someone he jammed with years before. Being a former disc-jockey, Del Rivers appreciates a variety of styles like Rockabilly, Americana, and Sixties Pop; all within a Garage-Rock format. Lately, he has worked in a few songs that were written for films; and a couple covers by Nick Lowe and/or Bobby Fuller Four to boot.

This appearance at Bop Shop Records will be the first time with Del Rivers in a lead position; but he has logged many hours at open mikes and as a percussionist and backing vocalist with The Quatloos and The Fertility Rite Brothers back in the 1990’s. Some of his CD’s will be available, but you can also look him up on Bandcamp, Last fm, or CD Baby online to download his past recordings. An attempt will be made to record Del live and/or in the studio with the current line-up for his next CD (or as a reissue of his last CD – “Perugia Way”).

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