Bop Shop Records Story

tom2Bop Shop Records is a unique independently owned record store in Rochester, New York that specializes in fine condition vinyl records and CDs. Featuring a wide selection of classic rock, blues and jazz as well as American roots music styles like country, bluegrass, folk, cajun, soul, rockabilly, surf, doo-wop, garage, psych, plus Celtic and English folk music. An extensive selection of world music and soundtracks too. There is a huge selection of classical LPs and CDs as well. Over 150,000 records including a healthy selection of 45s, and 78s. Books too!

Bop Shop Records is owned and operated by Tom Kohn, who has made what Bop Shop Records is for the past 35 years. Tom spent his formative years (the 70’s) working for MXR and Rounder records as well as furiously collecting and listening to as much recorded and live music he could sink his teeth into. From the Ramones to Ornette Coleman, from Charlie Parker to the Who, its all the same to Tom GREAT MUSIC. With a passion to share as much of the music that moves him with others who are as passionate and as curious as he is about music.


Bop Shop Records is a special kind of store and well worth a visit. Music collectors from all over the world frequently spend entire days at Bop Shop Records. After visiting in 1991, Branford Marsalis named Bop Shop Records as his favorite record store in an Entertainment Weekly feature article.

We frequently host jazz, folk and blues concerts at the store featuring many internationally renowned as well as up and coming artists.  Follow this link to see a list of who has played for us since 1988.

Located in Rochester, New York, we are only 15 minutes from the New York State Thruway. Get directions here or Contact Us

Phone: (585) 271-3354